BackOS. Choosing the Perfect Sex Toy

There is an overwhelming variety of sex toys in varying styles, sizes and materials which can be both enticing and daunting. How in the world will you choose the best sex toy out of all these selections? The reasons you want a sex toy are many and varied you may want to try a different kind of stimulation or bring fantasies into play or improve your ability to orgasm. The perfect sex toy just has to be in there someplace. Answering these few simple questions can help cut through the information overload and prevent buyer's remorse.

What Do You Want to Use it for?

  • Is this your first foray into buying a vibrator? Then consider starting out with something small and gentle.
  • Are you looking for something to provide internal stimulation? Then a traditional vibrator is your best bet, but you should also consider a dual-action or G-Spot vibe.
  • Looking for external clitoral as well as internal stimulation? A dual-action vibrator is ideal.
  • Do you have difficulty achieving orgasm or need something more powerful? If so, you’ll want to look into a vibrator that pulses.
  • Do you want to use it on your clitoris? Then a clitoral vibrator may be ideal.
  • Do you want to put it in your vagina or anus? Because different shapes cater for the different areas. If you intend to use a toy for anal insertion, make sure it has a flared base so that it doesn't slip all the way in. While there are vibrating toys made especially for anal use, most are not, so it's best to get one specifically designed for anal play, if that's what you fancy.
  • Do you want both the full feeling of penetration and that all important clitoral buzz? Then a dual-action vibrator means never having to choose one feeling at the expense of the other.
  • Electric vibrators are the most powerful, so if you have a more difficult time having an orgasm, you may want to try one of those first.
  • If you're a man, do you want something to insert your penis in that is tight and textured? How about a massager? Do you want to find out what the entire hubbub concerning stimulating that little pleasure bump called the Prostate Gland is about? Are the orgasms really more intense when it’s played with? Try a slim vibrator with a curved tip and flared base. Or even anal beads for a new, exciting sensation.
  • Be honest with yourself. What turns you on the most? What are you most sexually curious about that a sex toy can help you discover? Once you can identify what will stimulate you, you can go about streamlining the large number of selections down to a few sex toys that are closer to what you need.

How Strong Do You Want Your Vibration to be?

If you've never used a vibrator before, this is tough question to answer with certainty, so prepare to experiment! Pick a toy with a variable speed control so you can play around until you discover just what amount of vibration starts your motor. After some initial investigation, you'll be ready to zero in on what you want.

What do you want this toy to feel like?

Do you want something that feels as much like skin as possible? If so,  you definitely want something made of silicone, or Soft Touch materials; these materials are pricier than plastic, jelly or rubber, but feel uncannily realistic.

Would you prefer a toy that you can use in the water? Then any vibe that is waterproof is the best for you; check by looking for a rubber O-ring at the opening to the battery compartment.

How Big Do You Want it to be?

Are you just beginning to experiment with toys or continually on the go? Then you’ll probably want to start with a smaller vibrator. Discreet purse-size toys like the Missile Trio for females or the Stretch for males hold a lot of appeal. But if your vibrator is never going far beyond your bedside drawer, size may not be a concern. Plug-ins are not portable but offer the most bang for the buck by outlasting their battery-powered cousins by years, and there are now many rechargeable sex toys on the market.

If you plan to use the vibe for penetration, the girth of the toy may be just as crucial as the vibrating intensity. If you are not sure how much girth you want, go smaller rather than larger so you'll know your new toy will fit.

Now that you have zeroed in on a few contenders, throw rational thought aside and let your imagination run wild. Desire is an intimately personal feeling and you need to choose the sex toy that appeals to you.

Finally, after you’ve selected the product that you think meets your needs, make sure you have all of the following:

  • Plenty of fresh batteries in the proper size for your battery-operated toy. The description and the box your vibe comes in should say what size is needed
  • Lubricant, Lubricant, Lubricant
  • Information on how to care for your toy and keep it clean.